Study education, knowledge, technique and vocation at the young age

EVERYBODY passes life in three parts of age, namely the young age, the second age and the third age in the general view.

All the living beings are responsible across the world for studying the thought for food as well as for having the food for thought. It is because both thought and food are of great importance in respective roles.

Generally, Myanmar senior citizens give words of advice based on their precious experiences accumulated along with their lives to the youths to learn education and study knowledge, techniques and subjects of vocation at their young age.

It is a true saying. Humans at a young age are sharpened in critical thinking and mighty strength with the endurance of physical and mental tiredness and exhaustion in studies. They are capable to deeply learn education or study knowledge, modern techniques and various items of vocation.

These education, techniques and subjects of vocation will be useful for them in the future. When they are in the second age, they need to apply the education, techniques and knowledge they study to do businesses for earning income in their lives. If so, they can earn income from businesses depending on the accumulation of knowledge and techniques.

Having the degree of success in their lives depends on their efforts at a young age in the capability of studies. At an opportune time, they can apply their experiences in studies to be exchanged with incomes. The deeper they study, the greater experiences they achieve. Hence, they can hold various kinds of tools in hand for shaping their lives as they like.

In fact, the young age is basic for the whole life of humans. If they select the correct ways and options, their ways of life will straighten with lesser hindrances than others. If they choose the wrong ways based on lesser experience and exposure, the ways of their lives will derail from the route to the goal.

Hence, all the youths in their young age need to build their lives by studies to be applied in their lives if necessary as part of paving a good step leading to the second age.