Household lists and citizenship scrutiny cards issued to locals in Thongwa Township

Under Pankhin Project, officials from Thongwa Township Department of Immigration and Population made a field trip to issue household lists and citizenship scrutiny cards to local people in Thongwa Township, ..............
School buildings being built in Wuntho Township
With the aim of narrowing the gaps between urban and rural areas, the Department of Rural Development Department is undertaking developmental works in rural areas across the nation. During 2020-2021 FY, .................
Farmland in Minbu (Sagu) Township deluged with water
Torrential downpours hit Minbu (Sagu) Township, Minbu District, Magway Region and it caused overflow of Mann Creek and Yoe Creek. Water inundated low-lying areas .............
Heavy rains cause Kyeeohn-Kyeewa Dam in Pwintbyu to overflow
Heavy rains from 16 October to yesterday in Pwintbyu Township, Magway Region flooded the Kyeeohn-Kyeewa Dam, causing the dam to overflow 5.7 feet above the dam’s 340 ...........
Crop acreages under GAP grow year over year
The crop acreages under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is increasing year over year in Sagaing Region, said Dr Tin Mar Mar Oo, in charge of Public Relations and International Affairs section of Sagaing Region Agriculture Department.
Myanmar mineral exports down by $975 mln in 2020-2021FY
The value of Myanmar’s mineral exports drastically sank to US$895.6 million last FY2020-2021, reflecting a drop of $975 million, the Ministry of Commerce’s data indicated.
Officials welcome 400 returnees from Laos to Tachilek
A total of 400 Myanmar nationals from Laos came back home through land borders on 16 October, officials said.