Conserve natural environment in process of development undertakings

September 21


THE development of the country is directly proportionated to the loss of the natural environment. As undertakings to develop the nation may bring loss and damage to the environment, efforts should be made for minimizing the loss and waste in the development process as much as possible.


Section 45 of the State Constitution stipulates that the Union shall protect and conserve the natural environment. Likewise, Section 390 (b) states that every citizen has the duty to assist the Union in carrying out the following matters: environmental conservation.


Although the State adopted a firm pledge to conserve the natural environment inserted into the Constitution, a total of 180 global countries assessed that Myanmar stood the 138th position in the standing of properly abiding by the national level environmental policies. That is why all the national people need to expedite the much effort for following the policies of environmental conservation.


The area of the natural environment is shrinking more and more in the excavation of jade, gems, gold and minerals as well as timber extraction in addition to the expansion of urban and rural areas and construction of roads, bridges and buildings. As a result, the people are facing impacts of climate change and overheat situation based on deforestation, dryness of water sources and silting in rivers and creeks.


For example, it is regrettable that the deforestation in watershed areas and dryness of springs cause the decline of water level in the famous Inlay Lake of Shan State and the National Kandawgyi Garden in PyinOoLwin Township. Such events give a green light to systematically take environmental conservation measures.


Not only the government but the people need to take care of removing the debris which may cause impacts on the environment. The entire people should not ignore the possibilities of environmental degradation based on undisciplined disposing of, misuse of fertilizers and chemicals, improper emission of smokes, reckless acts of loudly decibel sounds, too much storage of water in unnecessary areas as well as expansion of residences and cultivable lands.


Myanmar must march forward to achieve success in the proper environmental conservation for raising national interests. A master plan should be adopted for conservation of the natural environment to be able to minimize the loss and damage in making utmost for development of the nation. GNLM