Second Batch (Second Dose) of COVID-19 vaccination continues in Myittha Township

Myittha 26 November


Second batch (Second Dose) of COVID-19 vaccination is being conducted in Myittha Township, Mandalay Region on November 26.


Local people over 55 years old in the township received the vaccines for the second time at rural health care centers in Kume, Mongmaw, Yewun, Minwun, Ywakainggyi and Daral villages and Kyaemon Hall in the town of Myittha. 


On 26 November, a total of 45 elderly people over 55 years old were vaccinated for the second time. A total of 17364 people received second dose of COVID-19 vaccination and other remaining people will be vaccinated in line with the instructions guided by the Ministry of Health and Sports.


Mya Mya Mon (Myittha)
Translated by Suyee