Discovery and preservation of ancient cultural heritage in Bago Region

Ancient historic cultural her­itage in Bago Region is identified for conservation, according to the Bago Region government.


One of these activities is un­earthing the ancient heritage to preserve.


“There are current activi­ties. It is historical in our time. It is an ancient cultural heritage. We are unearthing the sites such as moats, city walls, and brick barriers. We are dredging the moat on the side of the Thein­ni Bridge. We are unearthing the elephant enclosure where the temporary palace of King Bayintnaung is located. We re­covered various kinds of ancient heritage. We are doing our best to preserve cultural heritage during our time,” said U Tin Oo, Bago Region Minister for Economy.


The Bago Region chief min­ister inspected the location of the ancient elephant enclosure of the Hanthawady era near Bago on 21 April.


During the visit, the chief minister instructed the officials to properly maintain ancient teak pillars in the elephant enclosure in their authentic conditions, to unearth the brick walls around the elephant enclosure system­atically, and to exhibit a model of the elephant fence as per the original audience platform based on the unearthed evidence.


Moreover, he also suggested the creation of trips for the public to visit this destination after co­ordinating with the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism. — Thit Taw/ZN