MoNREC to auction wooden items, charcoal, and teak furniture components

The Ministry of Natural Re­sources and Environmental Conservation has announced that wooden items, charcoal, and components of teak furniture will be put up for auction.


The auction will feature var­ious items, including 0.222 tonne of chopped gum-kino and 40.9 tonnes of coal from the Htanta­bin Township Forest Department. Additionally, teak doors and door pieces, sewing machine tables and drawers weighing 37.7132 tonnes, and other wooden items weighing 1.6566 tonnes will be available for auction. Further­more, 28.16 cubic tonnes of char­coal in 220 bags will be sold.


The auction is scheduled to take place at noon on 27 May in the compound of the Forest Department in Insein Township, Yangon.


Applicants are required to in­spect the items personally three days prior to the auction day. — TWA/TMT