Sale of glazed earthenware mortars up in Pathein

March 25, 2020

Sale of the mortars, which are made of glazed earthenware, is booming in the No. 1 glazed earthenware industry in Pathein, Ayeyawady Region, according to the Pathein entrepreneurs.

Although the glazed earthenware industry has been manufacturing different kinds of items such as large pots, water pots, flower pots, vases, mortars, earthen pots, and earthen toys, the glazed earthenware mortars are highly demanded among others, said Daw Cho Thae, a glazed earthenware businesswoman.

“The glazed earthenware businesses are almost vanishing because people are using plastic products like plastic baskets, boxes, and containers instead. They are lighter, easy to move, no need to worry for breaking and more water capacity. So, people aren’t using glazed earthenware now. There are little or no glazed earthenware craftsperson nowadays. However, people like to use glazed earthenware mortars although some are made of iron and stone in the market” she added.

Mortars made of iron are mostly used by traditional medicines manufacturers. Just a few people like to use stone mortars because it can spark off tiny fragments of stone. The glazed earthenware mortars are being used with the wooden pestles. The price of such mortars is K1,500 for large size, K1,000 for medium size and K800 for small size. The mortars are selling well because of fair prices.

Although the raw materials of the products such as earth, bamboo, and wood are easily available in the region, the slimy powders to make glazed liquids can be purchased from Shwebo and Kyaukmyaung townships, according to the glazed earthenware businesspersons.

The glazed earthenware mortars and pestles are sold throughout the whole year. There were more than 30 glazed earthenware workplaces in 1990 in Pathein town. Now, there are only six remaining with four experts, according to Pathein glazed earthenware businesspersons. —Myint Han (Pathein-IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)