15 injured in anti-vaccination protest in Belgium

January 24


Many people protested in Belgium on Sunday against coronavirus vaccinations and government restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. Some of the demonstrators clashed with police.


Authorities say about 50,000 people rallied near the headquarters of the European Union in the Belgian capital of Brussels. Some of the protesters had travelled from France, Germany, and other European countries.


One demonstrator said that everybody in Europe is sick of the measures that the governments have been taking. He said the measures are stripping away people's rights and freedom.


Some of the protesters became violent. They smashed windows at the entrance to an EU-related facility and hurled barricades.


Police fired teargas and used water cannon to disperse the protesters.


Media reports say 15 people were injured and more than 60 individuals were detained. Police officers were among those injured.


Some people in Europe are opposed to anti-virus rules that require individuals to show proof of vaccination.


Similar protests have taken place in France, Spain and other European nations.