Wooden bridge to be upgraded to reinforced concrete bridge in Laymyethna Twsp.

Laymyethna, 30 November

The wooden bridge on the inter-village tract road in Laymyethna Township, Ayeyarwady Region will be upgraded to a reinforced concrete two-lane bridge, according to the township Department of Rural Development.

The bridge on Hlekhung creek on the Pathein - Monywa highway measuring 90 ft. long and 20 ft. wide will be constructed with Ks. 405 million allocated by regional government in 2023-2024 fiscal years and can bear 48 tons of cargo loads.

Now, soil test is being carried out. After the soil test is completed, the design of the bridge will be drawn up.  Once completed, it will benefit about 2878 local people from 708 households.—Township IPRD

Translated by JT