Impact on domestic commodity flow minimized by Asia Highway destruction

Destruction of the Asian Highway section causes a de­lay of commodity flow only at Mae Sot-Myawady border channel and the rest parts of the country is normal, said U Nyi Nyi Thein Zan, the direc­tor and in charge of Myawady Trade Zone operated by the Department of Trade, under the Ministry of Commerce.


“It is true that the flow of border trade at Myawady Trade Zone declines follow­ing the destruction of a sec­tion of Asian Highway. To ensure smooth trade within the country, we have noti­fied the exporters that they are allowed to move to some Myanmar-Thailand border posts such as Kawthoung and Tachilek. So, I believe that the above situations cannot pose a blockage of commodity flow in the rest parts of the coun­try. Similarly, exporters are also allowed to change the mode and route of transport after receiving the export licence for their goods,” he said.


The commodity flow us­ing the No 2 Thailand-My­anmar Friendship Bridge declines currently, as the destroyed section of Asian Highway is under repair. The common imported goods from Thailand to Myanmar are raw plastics, bicycles and motorcycles and their spare parts, machinery and general goods.


Myanmar’s border trade with the neighbouring coun­try Thailand at Myawady Trade Zone amounted to US$189.699 million in exports and US$426.194 million in imports, culminating in the trade value of 615.892 million in the past four months from April to July of the current financial year 2023-2024, U Nyi Nyi Thein Zan said.


A landslide occurred be­tween 150- and 151-Mile posts of the Myawady-Kawkareik section of Asian Highway on 7 August, destroying nearly 100 feet of the road section. — Htein Lin Aung(IPRD)/TH