MRF bolsters rice subsidy scheme across various regions and states

Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) added more places in the regions and states to offer Aemahta rice at a subsidized rate of K2,500 per pyi, according to the Myanmar Rice Feder­ation.


The MRF commenced a rice subsidy scheme by selling off the Aemahta rice of export quality (well-milled, polished & sorted) at K2,500 per pyi at 42 shops in 17 townships in Yangon Region on 25 August. Further­more, the subsidy scheme will expand the Ward 20 market in Hlinethaya Township and Tam­way’s tax-free market.


Moreover, the MRF, in co­operation with the region and state government, the Depart­ment of Consumers Affair, My­anmar Rice Millers Associa­tion, Myanmar Rice and Paddy Traders Association, is offering rice subsidy schemes in Mon, Kayin and Rakhine states, Mandalay, Bago and Magway regions.


The MRF launched a rice subsidy scheme on 7 August at Wahdan and Bayintnaung Commodity Wholesale Cen­tres. Each consumer is entitled to buy a sack of Pawsan rice and a sack of Aemahta rice per month, presenting the citizen­ship scrutiny card.


In addition to the rice de­pots, the MRF is selling off rice to the staff from government departments, factories and companies according to the rel­evant reports. The federation is also running a mobile market at the quarters in the townships, with the fairer price of K2,500 per pyi of Aemahta rice.


Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) notified on 7 August that it would sell off 170,000 rice sacks in August. The rice pric­es are set at K110,000-120,000 per sack of Pawsan from the Shwebo area, K94,000-97,000 for Pawsan from Ayeyawady, K65,000 for Aemahta (10 per cent broken) and K60,000 for Aemahta (25 per cent broken) respectively.


MRF, affiliated associa­tions, rice exporting compa­nies, rice mills and traders will exert concerted efforts to stabilize the prices in August and September and offer the fairer prices to the consumers of low income, as per its notifi­cation. — NN/EM