Myanmar imports over 35,000 tonnes of fertilizer worth $14.7 mln in Aug 3rd week

Myanmar brought in approxi­mately 35,000 tonnes of fertilizer worth US$14.7 million in the third week of August 2023, according to the Ministry of Commerce.


Myanmar imported over 24,000 tonnes from China, about 3,300 from Thailand, over 2,200 from the Republic of Korea, over 1,500 each from Germany and Malaysia, over 1,000 from Laos, over 500 each from England and Canada and about 400 from Uz­bekistan through the maritime channel between 12 and 18 Au­gust. The import volume showed an increase of over 8,000 tonnes compared to the recent months.


In July, Myanmar also im­ported over 250,000 tonnes of fer­tilizer worth $92.404 million from foreign trade partners by sea.


The prices of fertilizer moved in the range between K82,000- 170,500 per 50-kg bag depending on the brand (Myanma Awba, Thai Grow How, Pale, MPE, Armo, Thai Myinpyan) and types of fertilizer in early August 2023. — TWA/EM