Pheegyan banana fetches good prices in NyaungU Tsp

According to banana farmers, local growers are happy to earn income from growing Pheegyan bananas with an underground water tapping system in Latpanchaypaw village-tract in NyaungU township, NyaungU District.

Banana growers in NyaungU Township begin growing bananas in Tabaung and Tagu of Myanmar calendar. The locals of Latpanchaypaw village-tract grow only Pheegyan banana as its demand is high in the banana season. In contrast, very few people grow Rakhine bananas (Musa sapientum), said U Tin Soe Ko, a banana farmer.

The Pheegyans are grown in pits like one banana plant or two banana plants per hole and in plots. Those who grow one plant per pit restart their cultivation without waiting for the old plants to bear new sprouts. But those who grow two plants per pit leave one plant for bearing fresh sprouts.

It takes banana plants about 10 or 11 months to bear their first fruits. Banana is sold to merchants from NyaungU, Pakokku, and Kyaukpadaung townships. Currently, Latpanchaypaw village-tract residents grow banana plants with the underground water. The banana fetches between K2,000 and K2,500 per bunch. — Dipa Lin /KTZH