Taninthayi Region halts new offshore fishing licences to preserve aquatic resources

U Zaw Min Oo, Deputy Director of the Fisheries Department in Taninthayi Region, announced that no new licences for offshore fishing trawlers would be issued in Taninthayi Region to preserve aquatic resources.


“We’re not granting new licences for offshore fishing trawlers because the catch exceeds sus­tainable levels. However, we can’t revoke existing licences; instead, we’re renewing old ones. We’ve completely halted the issuance of new licences,” he stated.


Additionally, observation showed that ex­cessive use and exploitation of water resources have led to a 60-per-cent decline in underwater resources and an 80-per-cent decline in above-wa­ter resources. From 1979 to 2018, three research studies were conducted on Myanmar’s sea re­sources. Following the findings from a Norwegian research vessel, no specific fishing seasons have been designated, and restrictions have been placed on offshore fishing licences.


For generations, water resources from Tanin­thayi Region have been exported to Ranong in Thailand. Currently, there are over 1,500 offshore fishing trawlers in Taninthayi Region and more than 6,000 licensed onshore fishing trawlers in Myeik District. — ASH/MKKS