Research continues on ancient Mon cities Khapin and Kyaikpa in Twantay Township

The Twantay Ancient Heritage Trust has an­nounced plans to continue studying the rem­nants of the ancient Mon cities Khapin and Kyaikpa in Twantay Township, Yangon Region.


U Saw Myint Swe, a member of the trust, stated, “We have preserved the ancient city of Dala in Twantay, which accommodates over 2,000 age-old glaze kilns. Both local and in­ternational historians and glaze experts are currently studying it.”


These two ancient Mon cities, situated along the Dala-Twantay road, have yet to be excavated. According to the trustees, Twantay still harbours many unexplored ancient cities and pagodas with Mon architectural styles in its forests.


While there have been some studies on Khapin, Kyaikpa remains untouched. Further explorations may shed light on Twantay’s past and contribute to unravelling the mysteries of the ancient Mon civilization in the delta region, which could predate even the Bagan era.

The trustees speculate that these two cities might be among the oldest settlements in the delta, extending from the Cape of Nagarit to the Sittoung River.


Khapin, located southeast of Kanbe Village, is estimated to have walls stretching for 2,300 metres, enclosing an area of 67 acres. Despite its modest size, it holds significance as the most historically significant city in the delta region before the Bagan era.


Kyaikpa, positioned four miles west of Khapin, is the latest discovery among ancient Mon cities in Twantay. It spans 1,700 feet from the south to the north and 1,200 feet from the east to the west, with a similar area to Khapin. Surrounding landmarks include Kyaikphu and Kyaikpa pagodas, along with Baungtawchoke Pagoda. — ASH/NT