Raise legal trade awareness of assigned staff and traders

Fostering awareness of legal trade practices among as­signed staff and traders is essential to combat illegal trade effectively. The eradication of illicit trade demands the implementation of standardized operating procedures to rectify weaknesses in inspecting smuggled goods. This strategy aligns with protectionism, safeguarding the rights and entitlements of manufacturers and small to medium-sized enterprises domestically.


Service personnel and officials stationed at checkpoints, se­curity posts, and tollgates must conscientiously fulfil their duties with the understanding that they are contributing to the public’s well-being. Their vigilance regarding daily commodity prices and the challenges posed by high prices underscores the importance of eradicating illegal trade and unscrupulous traders. The economic sector of the nation will thrive only when the trade sector devel­ops legally, allowing the populace to enjoy authentic commodities without compromising safety.


Presently, the govern­ment is vigorously combat­ing illegal trade through various means. Permanent checkpoints, tollgates, and security posts are being equipped with the necessary machinery, exemplified by the Nyaungkhayshe permanent checkpoint’s installation of an X-ray machine to inspect ex­port vehicles efficiently. This technological advancement ensures officials can inspect commodities accurately and swiftly.


In addition to modern technology, conventional methods play a crucial role in checking smuggled goods. Therefore, service personnel need to be adept at applying both conventional and infor­mation communication tech­nology methods. Authorities must enhance the capacity of assigned staff to effectively participate in the process of eradicating illegal trade.


Simultaneously, strict supervision is imperative to prevent personnel from engaging in criminal activities and cor­ruption during their duties. Challenges arise from illegal traders attempting to bribe their way past checkpoints and security posts. Some unscrupulous traders may influence assigned personnel to violate laws and regulations by facilitating the passage of containers carrying smuggled goods through ports and marine trade routes.


To address these challenges, authorities should conduct edu­cational programs for both assigned personnel and illegal traders, emphasizing compliance with laws and regulations governing trade measures. The collective commitment to upholding legal frameworks will fortify the trade sector, benefiting the nation and enabling the successful realization of the government’s economic objectives.


Hence, authorities need to manage an educative period for both assigned personnel and illegal traders so that they do not violate prescribed laws, rules, and regulations in trading measures. Only when both inspectors and traders do not breach laws, rules and regulations will the trade sector improve, benefiting the nation and the nationals as well as the economic objectives of the government be successfully implemented.