Seintalone mangoes command high prices in Seikpyu Township

Growers of Seintalone (Diamond solitaire) mangoes in Seikpyu Township, Magway Region said they are getting a better price for the fruit this year.

Earlier, growers in Magway Region were using traditional methods to cultivate mangoes, but now, they have begun to apply more scientific techniques of production.

“At present, the mangoes are fetching between K300 and K600, which is higher than the previous year’s price of K250-K500. The mango growers purchased the farms outright last year. They cultivated Seintalone mangoes on seven acres to cater to the domestic market. Mango yields have decreased due to poor rainfall and high temperatures this year,” said U Htay Win Maung, a mango grower from the region. —Soe Lin Naing (IPRD)
(Translated by La Wonn)