Myanmar fresh chili price climbs on strong demand from China, Thailand

The price of Myanmar fresh chili is on the rise on account of good demand from China and Thailand, said U Khin Han, the chairman of Kitchen Crops Producers and Exporters Association.

“There are two varieties of fresh chili grown in the delta region—tharmoe and deemore. We are purchasing fresh chili and transporting it in cold storage cars. If we dry the fresh chili, we will be able to sell it for about K24,000-25,000 per viss (1 viss=1.6 kg). Currently, we are only exporting fresh chili. So, dry chili is being imported from India and Viet Nam. These days, the price of chili has increased slightly,” he added.

“Last year, fresh chili was fetching K1,500-2,000 per viss. Now, the price of fresh chili has increased to K8,500. Currently, fresh chilies are hard to find in the market. So, the Ministry of Commerce has been asked to import fresh chili via the border for local consumption,” he said.

“We have already asked the Commerce Ministry to issue Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification and grant permission to import fresh chili. We cannot make a decision on behalf of the government. They are making arrangements to hold a meeting in Kyaukse Township. Then, they will arrive at a decision. If they give permission to import fresh chili, the price will decline slightly. If not, the price of fresh chili will rise to K10,000 per viss,” said U Khin Han.

“Although China and Thailand have been buying chili from us for years, the volume of trade earlier was not as high as now. They were mainly purchasing chili from Viet Nam and India previously. I have heard that currently they have not been able to purchase chili from the two countries. That’s why they have been buying chili from us. One trader is purchasing 15 or 20 truckloads of chili at a time. Growers do not need to dry the chili,” he added.

China has been purchasing Myanmar chili since the last week of February. Fresh chili from delta regions such as Maubin, Hinthada, Wakema, and Shwelaung townships is entering the Bayintnaung Commodity Depot. Fresh chili from the central regions will also enter the market soon. —GNLM
(Translated by Hay Mar)