Yangon International Airport gave services to over 2 million passengers, over 30,000 flights in 2022

In 2022, the Yangon Interna­tional Airport served a total of 2,149,202 arriving/depart­ing passengers and 33,750 flights, according to the Yan­gon Aerodrome Company Limited (YACL), which takes responsibilities of services at the Yangon International Air­port.


Continuous monitoring and notifying

YACL provides services in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Civil Avia­tion (DCA) and the Internation­al Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


In cooperation with rel­evant partner organizations for running the international flights, it has been monitoring and notifying flight passengers of the arrival/departure restric­tions required by the country of travel.


Increase of travellers

In 2021, the Yangon Inter­national Airport could serve 723,540 arrival/departure pas­sengers and running of 20,991 flights.


There were 133,483 arrival/ departure passengers and 2,703 numbers of flights in January 2022. By the end of December, there were 275,658 arrival/de­parture passengers and 3,388 numbers of flights.


As such, the Yangon In­ternational Airport gave services to more than two mil­lion passengers and more than 30,000 numbers of flights last year. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/KZW