YCDC initiates four-week training for garbage vans operation & maintenance

The Yangon City Development Com­mittee launched a training programme focused on the systematic operation and maintenance of garbage vans on 20 September.


This initiative aims to improve knowledge and skills related to gar­bage truck maintenance and oper­ation, ensuring their prolonged use in preserving Yangon’s cleanliness. The training programme has several objectives, including enforcing depart­mental work rules among drivers, en­hancing safe driving practices in com­pliance with traffic regulations, and proficiency in managing hydraulic sys­tems. The primary goal is to prevent major vehicle weaknesses through daily checks of critical components like oil, water, air and lubricant.


The course covers various essen­tial aspects, such as effective ground cleaning techniques, economical use of vehicle maintenance supplies, ve­hicle maintenance procedures, and strict adherence to traffic regulations. Instruction on engine operation in the currently employed garbage vans will be provided by experienced motorists and engineers from the Department of Urban Environmental Conservation and Sanitation.


This comprehensive training programme is attended by 45 train­ees from township offices under the Department of Urban Environmental Conservation and Sanitation, spanning four weeks. — TWA/KZW