4 ancient lakes in Bagan to be restored for public use after excavation, conservation

Excavations and research activities are underway at four ancient lakes, and after the conservation work, they will be presented to the public in their original functions, according to U Kyaw Myo Win, director at the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture (Bagan branch).


Following the discovery of four lakes made of ancient bricks that have been used since the Bagan era, research and excavation work is under­way to determine their original width and depth, after which the department will continue with the conservation work.


“There are four areas that have been identified as hav­ing the shape of ancient lakes. Now, we are doing excavations to determine the width, vol­ume, and depth. After these ac­tivities, we will gradually start dredging for research. Then, it will be followed by conserva­tion. We are now working on Oak Lake, Ywahaunggyi Lake, Phwasaw Sutaungpyae Lake and Yaytaung Muni Lake. If we can restore these ancient lakes, we will create a public destination to show them in their original functions,” he said.


It is impossible to predict how long it will take to find out the widths and depths, and an essential factor is to avoid hasty excavations as these are ancient lakes made of Ba­gan-era bricks, he added.


The department has re­sumed the excavation of an­cient lakes since the end of the Thingyan period, with a focus on the cleanliness of the Bagan zone and the maintenance of pagodas. — MT/ZN