96 killed in road accidents in Laos in April

A total of 96 people were killed in road accidents across Laos in April, with most collisions occurring because drivers were intoxicated.

Laos recorded a total of 710 road incidents nationwide, resulting in 1,167 injuries and 96 fatalities, and 1,269 vehicles damaged in April, Lao national TV reported on Wednesday.

The Lao capital Vientiane reported the highest number of road accidents during the cited month, followed by Champasak and Savannakhet provinces.

The leading causes of road accidents in Laos are speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving, sudden lane changes and general disregard for traffic regulations.

In April 2023, 90 people were killed in 702 road accidents across the country, with 1,173 people injured and 1,244 vehicles damaged.

In response to the rising numbers, traffic police are urging drivers to adhere strictly to traffic laws and exercise caution on the roads.