Advanced Sewing Machine Operator Training Course Batch 7 opens on 24 June

Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) will offer an Advanced Sewing Machine Oper­ator Training Course (Batch 7) from 24 June to 5 July 2024 at Myanmar Garment Human Resources Development Training Centre (MGHRDC).


The trainer will share sewing methods of parts of fabric such as bag covers, spiral, shoulder corner seams, pockets, different types of bags, different ways of insert­ing zippers, long sleeve shirts and ‘A’ skirts with belts. Six special sewing methods will be added, comprising a buttonhole sewing machine, button attached machine, bartack machine, overlock four-thread, overlock five-thread and two-needle.


MGMA has organized a Basic Sewing Machine Op­erator Training Course (Batch 239) that is slated to open from 24 June to 12 July, providing practical approaches and technical know-how of sewing machines, different sewing methods, labour laws and practices.


Those who wish to attend the training can contact the MGHRDC through contact numbers 09 940858350, 09 450723262, 09 9403912570, 09 784085794, and 09 952802635. — NN/KK