Baskets made of male bamboo enjoying good demand, say weavers

Baskets woven from male bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) in West Tadar Village, Tadar Village-tract, Taungtha Township, Myingyan District, are selling well in the market, said U Thaung Kyi, a local basket maker.

“The bamboo baskets are made only from male bamboo, which is found in the forest. The baskets are woven using bamboo strips. Our baskets are of better quality than other bamboo baskets. Male bamboo baskets can be used on both sunny and rainy days. The rims of the baskets are also made of bamboo. The baskets produced in West Tadar Village are famous in the region,” said U Kyaw Min, a local male bamboo basket maker.

“In our village, there are only 15 homes that manufacture bamboo baskets. Male bamboo baskets are made in two sizes. The large-sized basket costs K3,500, while the small one is priced at K2,500. We split the bamboo and then cut it into strips in the early morning. Then, we weave the baskets before the bamboos get dry,” said U Thang Kyi.

“It is not easy to find male bamboo in the forest. Sometimes, we find enough bamboo to make just four baskets. So, we have to venture into Taungtha, Kyaukpadaung, and Ngathayauk townships for male bamboo. Sometimes, we can’t find male bamboo. Now, male bamboos have become rare in the forest because of forest fires,” he added. Male bamboo baskets enjoy a good demand in Kyaukpadaung, Taungtha, Pakokku, and Ngathayauk townships. —Maung Maung Htein (Kyaukpadaung)
(Translated by Hay Mar)