Bike riding Becomes a trendy sport once more



Age-Friendly cycling is one of the sports activities that people of all ages from younger children to older adults can take part in. Nonetheless, the bicycling sport was declining in popularity and it has nearly disappeared over time.


Nowadays, young people have actively participated in biking activities with a group of friends through Facebook groups. They have started to go on a bike tour in the early morning during weekends as physical exercise.


Taking a bicycle tour with a group of five members and 10 members to Dala, Twantay, Kawhmu, Kungyangon, Latkhokgon, Bago, Thongwa and Kayan cities from downtown Yangon is attracting other young people to start cycling. This habit has become popular again on account of physical sports activities arising from COVID-19, urban traffic congestion and eco-friendly transport by reducing air pollution.


Japan-made classic bikes, mountain bikes, adventure bikes, road bikes, second-hand bikes and other different bikes imported from foreign countries have become popular among young people.


“I started bicycling five years ago. I live in Pazundaung Township. I took a bike tour with a friend of mine Ba Kyaw who lives in Myanma Railway’s staff housing compound in Mingala Taungnyunt. Then, I joined a cycling group of all ages at the park in front of the City Hall at 5 in the morning. I met a group of people from various townships in the centre of the city there. Then, they also hang out at tea shops. Bicycling tours are leaving for the Dala trip,” said Ko Khant from Pazundaung Township.


When bicycling is an aerobic exercise with many health benefits. Following the popular actor Yaza Nay Win’s cycling video clip spread online, the number of cyclists has increased significantly. “A video interview of Ko Yaza Nay Win posted on social media encouraged some people to start cycling. However, it is not an addiction to cycling. Cycling has already become increasingly popular before the social influencer. Some cyclists blogged about a weekend bike tour to the sightseeing near Yangon.


We can enjoy a cycling tour experience on YouTube and observe the road condition, difficulties, fun and relaxing moments,” said Ko Thet Ko, an amateur biker from South Okkalapa Township.


alapa Township. The number of cyclists has significantly grown since 2020. Seventy per cent of them are amateur cyclists for health and sporting activity, while 30 per cent turn to ride bikes to avoid urban traffic and reduce costs amid rocketing oil prices, a market observer pointed out. Moreover, riders offer food delivery service with bicycles. An increasing number of cyclists pushes up prices. Bicycle and spare parts businesses are thriving.


“A bicycle is worth K500,000 to over K10 million. Some are fantastically featherweight but expensive,” said Ko Aung Myo, an amateur biker.


Bikes worth K300,000- 8,000,000 are highly traded. The prices of bicycle parts also climb up. Young people choose bicycles depending on brand, brake and gear conditions. The prices vary on lightweight and gear speed, Ko Thet Ko continued.


The prices of popular mountain bikes are related to the dollar exchange rate. The prices of spare parts double these days.


Imported used bikes that are assembled locally become more popular than new ones in big cities including Yangon, Mandalay and Mawlamyine. The bicycle shops can be found in suburban wards for now. Businesspersons bring in parts of used bicycles from foreign countries legally and assemble them and put them up for sale. Consequently, low-income people can buy them at an affordable rate.



With the rocketing number of amateur riders, skilled cyclists will be produced for sure. The institutions concerned need to support those potential cyclists. Moreover, setting a road path designated for cyclists will ensure road safety. This article is written to promote biking for healthy, safe, fun and sustainable rides. Translated.