BRIC prioritizes labour-intensive factories for investments


28 December 2021

BAGO Region Investment Committee (BRIC) has been primarily focusing on labour- intensive businesses such as garment factories on the Cutting-Making and Packing basis for sustainable economic growth in the region, the Bago region chief minister gave a remark at the BRIC meeting held on 27 December at Taw Win Hantha Hall of Bago Region government office. 

Afterwards, the chief minister delivered that the investors have to enjoy the entitled rights and protections for business. Furthermore, since infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the industry, he instructed the attendees to fulfil the needs of industrial enterprises. 

Later, the director of Bago Region Directorate of Investment and Company Administration explained investment projects and capital expansion matters. 

The committee members also discussed investment- related matters. The Bago Region Chief Minister guided the committee to endorse the proposals under Myanmar Investment Law. 

Between 1 February and December, Bago Region attracted foreign investments of US$91.139 million and K2.44 billion of domestic investments made by Myanmar citizens, which creates 4,717 job opportunities for local people.— MNA