Chilli prices falling in Yangon market while long chilli stays lowest price

The prices of various chillies in the Yangon market have been continuously trending downward in the last days of the first week of March.


On 8 March, the opening price for Panye and Hmyani long chilli was K6,600 per viss, accord­ing to a chilli seller on Seinpan Street from Bayintnaung Broker­age, Ko Hla Han told the Global New Light of Myanmar.


On 9 March, the price fell to K6,000/K6,500, up from K7,500 per viss on 6 March. Although Shan long chilli was priced at K6,300 and Myanaung long chilli, K6,500 per viss respectively, there were lesser purchasers in the market. On 21 January, Hinthada Hmyani long chilli was K2,700 per viss, Salin Panye chilli K12,300, Myanaung long chilli K11,700, and Shan long chilli K9,900, re­spectively.


On 24 February, Hintha­da and Salin long chillies were priced at K10,000 per viss, Myanaung K8,700 and Shan long chilli K7,000. It was that prices of Panye and Hmyani long chilli prices are falling a half in 45 days.


On 9 March 2023, prices of Panye and Hmyani long chil­lies were K11,000/K11,500 per viss, according to the statistics of old prices. In mid-June 2023, the prices were K14,500/K15,000 per viss but in early September, it was K10,000/K11,000 and in mid-October, K6,000/K7,000.

According to market infor­mation from Meiktila in recent months, the production cost for an acre of chilli was K1.5 million, which amounts to K4,500 per viss for producing dried long chilli. Due to the drastically falling pric­es of the chilli, local growers have raised concerns of losing profits.


In mid-2022, the price of the long chilli from the Delta region was K8,000 per viss. It increased to K20,000 per viss in October. The price of chilli these days is K6,000 per viss, and the traders who want to hold the chilli stock are monitoring the market prices to see whether they are heading downward, Ko Hla Han report­ed in the Global New Light of Myanmar.


If the price of long chilli was continuously falling, it would have a negative impact on the farmers but would have a low investment cost for the traders who held the stocks.


However, it is difficult to forecast the price of long chilli at present since new long chilli from Wakema, Einme and Pan­tanaw regions have not yet ar­rived in Yangon market. Other strains of chilli such as Hinthada Moehtuang chilli is K9,200 per viss, Shan Moehtaung K9,000, and Pyawbwe, Yamethin and Moehtuang chillies K8,000 per viss. Sinphyukyun bell pepper is K11,000/K12,000 per viss and bell pepper from Bilin Village of delta region, K21,000 per viss. Howev­er, the prices are forecasted to be falling, the sellers reported. — TWA/ TMT