Clay pot businesses in Taunggon village ramp up production for toddy sap collection season

December 27, 2021

The villagers are prepping the clay pots for its toddy sap collecting season, said U Myint Swe, a clay pot maker in Ngathayauk town, NyaungU Township, Mandalay Region.

Taunggon village in Ngathayauk town has been relying on the earthen pot making businesses for generations. The villagers execute that business on a commercial scale and send the ports to other regions and states.

A FAW truckloads of clay is worth K50,000. The villagers are preparing the necessary raw materials before toddy sap collection season.

The clay pots for drinking water are demanded the whole year. Other pots for flower vase (Buddhist offering) and earthern pots for cooking, earthern toys and money saving box are also sold. The clay pots from Ngathayauk town is famous for its quality.

The clay pot brokers from Taungtha, Pakokku and Kyaukpadaung townships come the village to buy the pots, U Myint Swe explained.

The prices of clay pots range between K2,000-K7,000 depending on design, size and quality.—Ko Htein KPD/GNLM