Create happy life throughout a lifespan

June 29


A MYANMAR saying goes: Health is wealth. It is a Universal truth. But most people do not deeply follow the theme of such a saying. Indeed, if they have to cut too many behaviours in eating, sleeping, breathing and drinking like unhealthy acts.


People should try to comprehensively understand the advantages of regular eating, sleeping and taking a bath, reduction of unhealthy acts, and avoiding unhealthy meals combined with too much content of cooking oil. Moreover, cleanliness in environs, as well as physical exercises and sweet talks, contribute much to the health of the people.


In Myanmar literature, knowledge supports the life of living beings. Actually, health is a root cause of prosperity and development based on personality, physical strength, mental power, widening of scope and keenness to do something. Everybody needs to take care of such a good result for ensuring personal prosperity and development.


Only when anyone is healthy can they aspire to have a great ambition. Those who wish to enjoy prosperity and development must have qualified knowledge and skills as well as healthiness. Otherwise, they would have to lose the unexpected great chances for various sectors in their lives.


Everybody wishes to possess physical and mental health. In this regard, they have to take notice of the worst enemies which mean frets and plights. If one suffers from an ant disease or disorder of health, one will not have mental health. Gradually, they will face frets and plights. If they can remove the frets and plights from their minds, they can cut half of their sufferings. As such, as prevention is better than cure, the victory of life is reachable for them.


A poem composed by an ancient poet mentions that only when people fall asleep and wake up early their inside and outside organs will be free from diseases, and so, their lives will be peaceful and prosperous. Hence, as they need to go to the bad and wake up early, they will enjoy a healthy life.


Everybody who takes physical exercise as a daily routine is sure to secure a healthy lifespan, and healthy citizens will be ready to build a prosperous environment as fulfilled ambition for new generations. If they build a healthy society and the nation, their individual lifespan will be longer and longer in the future generations. GNLM