Domestic, foreign demand for chickpea push up prices

Strong domestic and foreign demand for chickpeas elevates prices, according to the Man­dalay Commodity Wholesale Centre.


It is the harvest time for chickpeas. Local millers and foreign trade partners are pur­chasing them in bulk.


The prices moved in the range between K184,000 and K190,000 per 56.25/57.25 viss on 1 March 2023 and climbed to K195,000 and 203,000 per 56.25/57.25 viss depending on varieties on 14 March.


The figures showed a sharp increase of K10,000-12,000 per 56.25/57.25 viss within two weeks.


New chickpeas from various areas are entering the Mandalay market.


The chickpea is a winter crop and is usually grown in October and November. The har­vest season is from January to April. They are mostly found in Bago, Ayeyawady, Sagaing and Magway regions.


The country primarily culti­vates paddy, corn, cotton, sugar­cane, various pulses and beans. Its second-largest production is pulses and beans, accounting for 33 per cent of agro products and covering 20 per cent of growing acres. Among them, black beans, pigeon peas and green grams constitute 72 per cent of bean acreage. Other beans including peanuts, chickpeas, soybeans, black-eyed beans, butter beans and rice beans are also grown in the country. Agriculture is the backbone of Myanmar’s econo­my. Among agricultural prod­ucts, various beans and pulses are the main items.


Myanmar ships chickpeas to foreign markets beyond self-sufficiency. More than 18,000 kilogrammes worth US$12.834 million have been exported to foreign countries so far since April 2022, according to the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics. — NN/EM