Effciently use water sources for long-term consumption

Water utilization should be based on underground and aboveground water sources for the purpose of the agricultural sector as well as local consumption but all of the water volumes should be efficiently used without any waste.


Anyhow, utilizing water from relevant sources such as irrigation facilities or underground water needs some kind of energy. If one uses water with waste and loss, it means wasting the cost of water utilization or extra charge for consumption. If so, such waste never benefits anyone or any organization. Actually, it is an ungrateful act to the planet Earth.


On the other hand, wasting water may cause disadvantages to loss of water sources in any way. Hence, everybody needs to efficiently use water sources. Moreover, it is necessary to implement the proper water supply systems so as to save water to be free from waste and loss, maintain the wetness of soil and soil quality and grow various stains of crops in a rotation without cultivating a single crop.


Currently, global countries are facing climate change, so they all need to maintain and guard their water sources. Hence, relevant authorities and local people in Myanmar should improve the damming facilities and underground water sources so as to store a larger volume of water applying modern technologies for ensuring the long-term water supply process. Consequently, the systematic water supply process needs to be based on properly maintained water sources for benefiting from the increased productivity of the agricultural sector.


That is why all the people need to efficiently use freshwater as now is the time of summer in Myanmar, avoiding careless use of water. It is because rainfall was lesser in the previous year, so the inflow volume of water into the dams across the nation declined. In consequence, people from Mandalay, Magway and Sagaing regions will face a shortage of water in 2023.


Relevant authorities need to consider how to solve the problems of water shortages in dry regions of the country in the summer of 2023. Tube wells can pump out water to be supplied to the local people in the dry regions but it is a proper solution for the shortterm period because of the high cost of fuel to operate the tube well.


Awareness should be raised for the people to widen their scope of knowledge to supply water to relevant regions. Damming facilities, systematic utilization of underground and aboveground water sources as well as growing trees to store water underground and maintain moisture aboveground will be the best for proper water consumption of all living beings.