Every Individual …


THIS article did not take the readers to the ocean and the sea beach as well. It can be assumed that the article expresses just a sample drop of water for enabling the readers to understand the gratitude of those who teach the pupils to have vocational education, techniques and basic knowledge with the aim of developing the society with an improved living standard in the history. 

Learning capability 

When knowledge was shared with each other, it can be seen that human was higher capable than animals in intelligence quotient. They have had efficient knowl¬edge to control elephants with the use of a small goad. Hors¬es installed with muzzles could be ridden and controlled to pull the chariots. A large number of elephants and horses could be formed as troops to protect the country and safeguard the sover¬eignty. They could control buffalos and oxen to be used in farming works and transportation. 

Times had passed an agricul¬tural era, industrial manufactur¬ing era and technological era and has reached now advanced tech¬nological era. Robots created by humans are working like humans through artificial intelligence (AI). But, the people of Myanmar are struggling in just agriculture and livestock farming similar to the social-economic status of the ear¬ly man stage, with unreachable technologies. While we are trying to catch the speed of forerunners, some persons speedily running before us commit blocks in front of our legs on our way and make hindrances to us to fall on the track. They all are naughtily mak¬ing miseries to us. 

Advanced technological era 

When other countries use hypersonic bullet trains and su¬personic jets, we, Myanmar is trying to efficiently use tractors and thrashers. 
What data dominates the de¬veloped socio-economic era? As the shortest answer, 
Isn’t it education? 
It must be a good education. 
It must uplift education standards. 
It is necessary to uplift edu¬cation standards. 
All need to encourage edu¬cation. 

Toward utter devastation 

Some persons unwillingly to see the development of Myanmar people focus on attacking the ed-ucation estate as the main target for its deterioration in Myanmar lagging behind the development of other countries. They danger¬ously assail Myanmar. Both inter¬nal and external saboteurs attack Myanmar as follows: - 

1.    killing teachers not to dare to do teaching 
2.    killing and shooting abbot members of the Sangha 
3.    setting fire to schools not to teach students 
4.    bombing school buildings not to teach students 
5.    posing threat to teachers of going to teach 
6.    deterring students not to go to school 
7.    obstructing students not to receiving the vaccination 
8.    setting fire to and bombing schools 
9.    bombing education offices 
10.    posing threat to teachers online 

It is sorrowful to see and hear that schoolchildren and student youths who are new generations of Myanmar are being attacked in various ways and means. These are serious pains for the State and the people. 

Terrorist murderers are satisfied with seeing substand¬ard youths and their uneducated measures losing to competitions with the international communi¬ty. Likewise, some persons with rudeness and atrocities provide arms and ammunition, mines and bombs to those murderers. Their despicable acts are a black drop in Myanmar history, isn’t it? We should not keep tolerance. We must perform a counterattack on them. 

Such a situation caused dis¬appointment to parents of chil¬dren in a short term. It caused sadness to teachers. As those terrorists are digging and cut¬ting the education estate from its foundation, it should be put on record in the long term that they commit atrocious and despicable acts in cold blood to destroy the country. Let’s deter them! 

Time to stop 

I’d like to make a request. Those terrorists who don’t have sympathy over humans may not have a good history. Everybody is creating their respective his¬tories. Now is time to respond to and clear the enemies who destroy the learning opportuni¬ties of our offspring. Only when everybody bravely participates in the movements to fight against the terrorists for the sake of the State and the people will they be dutiful for their histories.