Exotic tomato along Mu River receives handsome price

28 December 2021

THE tomato of Chinese Taipei origin, cultivated along Mu River, is fetching a good price in Thirimala Commodity Wholesale Market, Mandalay Region. 

About six to 12 six-wheel truckloads of tomatoes are daily supplied to the Thirimala Market. Last month, the price moved in the range of K40,000 to 42,000 per 18-viss box (a viss equals 1.6 kilogrammes). The price rose to K45,000-50,000 per box this month, said U Aung Moe Naing, Aung warehouse owner in Mandalay.

“At present, tomato cultivated along both banks of Mu River is constantly flowing into the market. The price is also higher in December. Some regions did not cultivate tomatoes owing to the price collapse in the previous year. Consequently, price hike occurs on low supply. Transport obstacle is another reason for a price hike,” he elaborated. 

Those tomatoes are steadily flowing into the Mandalay market, fetching a handsome price. The tomatoes produced in Myinmu, Monywa and Madaya areas are priced at K2,400- 2,500 per viss. Similarly, the prices of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, potato and Chinese cabbage are of exorbitant high in the domestic market. — Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)/GNLM