Expansion of saltwater shrimp farming boosts bycatch reduction

August 24, 2022


Saltwater shrimp farming businesses in Myeik Archipelago, Taninthayi Region, are flourishing. If the farming businesses can ramp up production, it will reduce the amount of bycatch and generate foreign revenue.

The saltwater shrimp farming business commenced in 2014 in Myeik Archipelago. At present, the farmed shrimps are shipped to external markets.

“The saltwater shrimp farming business was conducted on 415 acres (64 farms) in Katalu village. About 250 and 300 tonnes of shrimps can be harvested per month. About 64 farms are seen during eight years of shrimp culture. At present, we have export challenges. We mainly export the shrimps to Japan and China. We boost production in summer. Rain decreases salinity so the growth rate is quite slow in the rainy season. We have a plan for the saltwater shrimp farming business to expand in Thityawa village,” said U Moe Kyaw Han, manager of the Pyae Phyo Tun Co., Ltd.

The saltwater shrimp farming businesses are currently found on Katan Island, Masanpar Island and Kyagyiaw Island in Myeik Archipelago and Thahtay Island in Kawthoung Township.

“There are many vacant plots of land to execute fish and shrimp farming in our area. If the authorities concerned support this, it will help tackle the scarcity of fish species. It will also generate more revenues,” U San Maung, managing director of the Khaing Zin Yaw Company continued.

Approximately 25 to 30 tonnes of shrimps can be harvested when one million shrimp larvae are farmed in the rainy season. In summer, about 30-35 tonnes of shrimps can be produced at a minimum when 1.2 million tonnes of shrimp larvae are added to the farming pond. The farming period is around 90-110 days, said breeders.

Saltwater shrimps produced by the shrimp farming business in Myeik Archipelago are primarily sent to Japan, China and Thailand, generating foreign income. — Myint Oo (Myeik)/GNLM