Fisheries Dept enacts seasonal ban to recover marine resources

The Fisheries Department has im­plemented seasonal closures in the waters to replenish marine re­sources during their reproductive seasons.


Freshwater fishing is prohibited from 1 May to 31 July this year. Saltwater shrimp harvesting is restricted from 1 June to 31 August, while lobsters, scorpion prawns, and mottled eels fishing is halted during the same period. Stonefish harvesting is also suspended from 1 July to 30 Sep­tember.


U Nyunt Win, director of the Develop­ment and Research Division, said: “The nationwide prohibition aims to conserve the marine resources to prevent decline of these sources. This restriction occurs annually. Additionally, we will oversee off­shore fishing vessels from other states and regions operating near the shore and enforce appropriate restrictions”.


The ban encompasses not only catch­ing but also purchasing marine creatures. Despite Myanmar’s wealth of marine resources, mismanagement has led to significant waste. The authorities have taken measures in place to conserve the resources in time. — ASH/NT