HASS avocado from Kayah State targeted to penetrate US market

May 30,2022


APPROXIMATELY 2,000 tonnes of HASS avocado from Kayah State are planned to be conveyed to the US market as it is offered eight US dollar per kilo, said a local businessperson.


Paddy and corn are the primary crops in Kayah State. However, perennial avocado is also increasingly cultivated. There are about 100 acres of HASS avocado varieties in Loikaw Township. It is of New Zealand origin and a sapling is worth K15,000. It produces fruits after three years of cultivation. Approximately 100 avocado trees can be planted per acre. The cultivation costs K2.2 million per acre, according to the news released by the Ministry of Commerce online.


The price of avocado stood at K6,000 per kilo last year. This year, the price remains unchanged at K6,000 per kilo.


Earlier, Myanmar’s avocado was shipped to Thailand, India, China, Singapore and Hong Kong SAR. The avocado export came to a stop during the COVID-19 pandemic. Myanmar shipped 500 kilo of avocado to Thailand in 2021. It is now heavily reliant on the domestic market only.


The quality avocados can be sold through online platforms. The fair market value is set in order to avoid overpaying for the consumers and underpricing for the growers. The consumers will receive much fairer price when the bulk supply of avocado enters the market, said a trader. Avocado is perennial and the harvest time varies depending on the height above the sea level. It is harvested between September and February. Hass avocado variety is mostly demanded in the market. The Pinkerton avocado was priced K4,500-K5,000 per kilo last year, while HASS avocado fetched up to K7,000-K8,000 per kilo. Nevertheless, the traders cannot expect the high price registered in the previous year.


The avocado is commonly grown in Chin Hills, Shan plateau, Nawnghkio and PyinOoLwin areas, covering around 25,000 acres. There are a thousand of Myanmar avocado varieties, and avocado of foreign origins are also found in the country.


Myanmar’s avocado is abundant in October and the harvest season extends up to April. Myanmar prioritizes the fruit quality that meets international market standards for market potentials.—Htet Myat/GNLM