Hinthada chillies arrive in market at high price

According to chilli traders, Moehtaung new chilli and red long new chilli from Hinthada have arrived in the Yangon mar­ket since 18 January.


Prices of Moehtaung new chilli and Hinthada red long chilli are K13,000 per viss and K13,500 per viss, respectively. However, demand is relatively low due to the high prices.


The report states that pric­es of other chillies within these days are Thazi long new chilli at K13,000 per viss and pinky red long fresh chilli from Salin at K13,000 per viss. Turning to the detailed features of the chillies, the Thazi long chilli is observed to have a dulled colour with a thin exocarp (pepper wall), while the Hinthada long chilli is curved in shape. Only pinky red long chilli has high demand.


Moehtaung chilli with a cold storage process is priced at K10,800 per viss, Moehtaung from Pyawbwe, Yamethin, and Thedaw townships is priced at K10,500 per viss, Moehtaung from Shan State is priced at K10,000 per viss, whereas Moe­htaung from Hinthada is priced at K13,000 per viss. Chillies whose pedicels are removed and monsoon chilli are mostly transported to border cities.


The report further states that chillies from the Wakema, Einme, Shwelaung, and Pan­tanaw regions are expected to arrive in the Yangon market dur­ing the Thingyan period. Left­over long chillies produced by those regions last year remain in some warehouses. Although the prices range between K6,000 and K7,000 per viss, only the chillies should be used for roasting since the colour changes brown.


Chilli prices are declining these days, and therefore, pric­es of the new bell pepper from Sinphyukyun have reduced from K18,000 to K14,500/K15,000 per viss within these days. Pinky red long chilli from Salin has dropped from K13,500 per viss to K13,000 per viss.


Prices on 19 January 2023 were red long new chilli from Hinthada at K13,000 per viss; pinky red new chilli was K12,000; Moehtaung at K12,000; and fresh bell pepper from Sinphyukyun K16,000, according to the statis­tics of old information.


Chilli prices are expected to decline since the production of chillies from Delta regions is getting high, a trader of chil­li and turmeric from Seinpan Street of Bayintnaung Depot told the Global New Light of Myanmar.


On 24 November 2022, Sin­phyukyun new bell pepper ar­rived in the Yangon market with K29,000 per viss, and one month later, on 24 December, the prices declined to K12,000/13,000 per viss. On 19 December 2023, it arrived in the Yangon market with K19,000 per viss. On 20 Jan­uary 2024, the price was K15,000 per viss.


Fresh chillies from Hintha­da have reportedly arrived in the Yangon market a few months earlier than chillies from other regions of the Delta area. There­fore, the prices of Hinthada chil­lies are pretty high.


However, sale turnovers in Yangon’s Bayintnaung market are relatively low, with few trans­actions and few trucks entering, the traders told The Global New Light of Myanmar. — TWA/TMT