Japanese right hand drive cars in high demand in Yangon

14 July


Right-hand drive Japanese cars, and four-wheel drive wagons, are in high demand in Yangon during the raining season.


“Japanese right-hand drive cars are leading the automotive market, not only in Yangon but also in Mandalay and other regions. The Yangon market is seeing cars in good condition selling well and at higher prices. The Mandalay and Mawlamyine markets are also busy again. The cars with Yangon license are easier to sell. So, car buyers from all over the region are coming to purchase cars in Yangon,” said U Myint Kyaw, an automotive seller.


“The car price is still increasing in the market. Therefore, Japanese right hand drive cars are in high demand. But we don’t have much profits from selling these cars, as we did previously. The four-wheel drive wagons, like CRV, Alphard and the Klugers, are in high demand in the market. During one week, four or five cars are sold in our market”, he added.


Nissan saloons worth K 20 million are also selling well in the market. The second hand cars, called reconditioned cars, are also selling well. Some people are purchasing new cars under the installment system. Then, they dispose of them in the automotive market to get their money back.—SN (Translated by Hay Mar)