Landslide in Italian resort island leaves at least 7 dead

A massive landslide that hit the southern Italian resort island of Ischia on Saturday has left seven dead and five missing.


The landslide occurred before dawn, after Ischia recorded 126 millimeters of rain in six hours -- the heaviest in 20 years.


Local police and others say that among the victims were children including a 3-week old infant.


Ischia is a famous holiday island some 30 kilometers from Naples known for its spas and beautiful coastlines. The victims reportedly include foreign tourists.


The landslide swept through an area crowded with buildings, including hotels and residences.


More than 200 people are continuing their search for the missing, while several hundred volunteers are clearing away mud.


Footage taken in the area shows buildings and vehicles trapped in the mud.


A local resident said that when her husband woke up and went outside, water and mud swept into the residence like a waterfall.


She added that they tried to go to their parking space, but it was already flooded with mud.


The Italian government issued a state of emergency in Ischia on Sunday, and announced it will allocate two million euros for rescue operations and to restore infrastructure.