Local cabbage growers in Wuntho Tsp enjoy handsome profit

Local cabbage growers from some villages in Wuntho township, Sagaing region are reported to get a good price for their product, according to a local Chinese cabbage grower.

In our village, only two of us are growing the Chinese cabbage. I grow half an acre of the Chinese cabbage, involving 6,000 plants.

Also, the Chinese cabbage does not need to spray the pesticides. The production of Chinese cabbage costs K60,000 including labour charges and fertilizers. Each plant weighs between 1.20 and 1.50 visses. The price of Chinese cabbage is K350 per viss. The selling of Chinese cabbage earned me a K1.5 million profit. So, we are happy with the selling of Chinese cabbage this year, said U Aung Win, a Chinese cabbage grower.

This year sees only a few people growing Chinese cabbages. So, the wholesalers come and buy all the cabbages in the field. People are fond of eating the Chinese cabbages because of it being delicious, said Ma Tin Tin Hla from Tayza village in Wuntho township.

The villagers are growing different kinds of vegetables but they grow only two acres of vegetables. If one vegetable market is not good, the other vegetable markets may earn the growers the profit. —Myint Tun Min (Kawlin)


(Translated by Hay Mar)