Low bell pepper demand due to sharp price drop in source market

With the demand for bell pep­pers low in the market, the price is falling sharply in the source market, according to vegetable brokers’ sales cen­tres.


Despite increasing sup­ply, demand in the market has been low.


“A viss of bell pepper has sharply dropped from K6,800-K7,000 to K2,700-K2,500. It is Aungban’s market style. The reasons are rising supply and less buying,” said an offi­cial from the Aungban whole­sale centre.


The rise and fall of com­modity prices usually happen before and after Thingyan, and while some crops are pre­dictable, others are difficult to forecast under the current circumstances.


“It is normal for the price of some crops to go up and down during and after Thing­yan,” he said.


Primarily grown as a veg­etable mixed with another in multiple cropping and locally called paprika or sweet pep­per, it usually sells for a good price. Although bell pepper is a healthy produce to eat, its low heat and high water content make it susceptible to spoil­age, so more precautions need to be taken with logistics and harvesting only when the heat of the sun is reduced. — Thit Taw/ZN