MoALI initiates project to boost hilsa shad production

U Nyunt Win, Director of the De­velopment and Research Division of the Department of Fisheries under the Ministry of Agricul­ture, Livestock, and Irrigation, has stated a project aimed at con­ducting research and controlled breeding to sustainably enhance hilsa shad production.


The initiative responds to the realization that Myanmar’s hilsa shad exports constitute only three per cent of aquatic prod­ucts, the lowest volume among neighbouring countries.


“While Bangladesh and In­dia export hilsa at rates of 65 per cent and 32 per cent, respectively, Myanmar struggles with a mere three per cent export capacity. Rakhine State, contributing only 0.5 per cent, faces particular chal­lenges. Hence, our focus is on fish resource conservation and research activities in the state,” stated U Nyunt Win. The dimin­ished hilsa export is attributed to unregulated fishing practic­es, including the use of the local Kyarpike fishing method. In re­sponse, 11 conservation areas have been established in Rakhine State’s townships, including My­ebon and Pauktaw, with research and development efforts initiated since the 2022–2023 financial year.


Hilsa, a prized catch, is main­ly harvested in 11 countries glob­ally, with Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar leading the production. Additionally, the species is found in countries like Thailand, Malay­sia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Bahrain. — ASH/TH