MRPPA aims to achieve approximately 300,000 tonnes of rubber export this FY 2023-2024

The Myanmar Rubber Planters and Producers Association aims to achieve approximately 300,000 tonnes of rubber exports in the financial year 2023-2024.


Myanmar’s rubber industry suffered losses of K800,000-K1 million per tonne last year. In December 2023, Myanmar’s seaborne trade recorded over 12,100 tonnes of rubber exports worth $16.13 million. Out of this, over 8,570 tonnes went to China, over 2,790 to Malaysia, 419 to India, and 200 to the Republic of Korea, with over 120 to Japan. China constitutes 75 per cent of Myanmar’s rubber exports, while the rest is distributed among Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the ROK, and Japan. At borders, Myanmar exported over 3,540 tonnes of rubber valued at $4.84 million, with 2,539 tonnes going to China and 1,008 to Thailand. In December, rubber exports through maritime and border channels amounted to $20.97 million from over 15,650 tonnes. These figures indicate an increase of $13 million, and the export volume is up by K9,800 tonnes compared to November.


Rubber cultivation is widespread in Mon State, Kayin State, Taninthayi Region, and other states, covering 1.64 million acres. The annual production is estimated at 950,000 tonnes, with Mon State being the primary supplier, followed by Taninthayi Region and Kayin State. — TWA/EM