Muse trading resumes 75% of rice, sugar exports to China

March 25, 2020

Myanmar’s exports of rice, broken rice and sugar to China have recovered 75 per cent at Muse border, said Vice-Chair U Min Thein of Muse Rice Depot.

A cross-border trade channel through the Muse checkpoint has come to a near halt in early February in the light of Covid-19 concerns. Now, 75 per cent of trade has resumed, he continued.

“Seventy-five per cent of rice and sugar exports has begun again. Watermelon and muskmelon exports have also returned to a normal condition”, added U Min Thein.

At present, 40-60 trucks loaded with rice and broken rice are seen at Muse per day and then, they are sent to China. Additionally, about 20,000 bags of sugar are regularly exported again, according to Muse Rice Depot.

Meanwhile, China exports raw materials for the CMP garment factories with electric and electronic goods and construction materials coming into Myanmar.

“About 40-50 trucks of CMP raw materials are entering the Muse crossing from China. Electric and electronic products and construction materials also flow into the checkpoint,” U Min Thein said.

In the meantime, thousands of people are daily going in and out of the Muse crossing with border pass. There are four border checkpoints between Myanmar and neighbouring China. They are Muse and Chinshwehaw in Shan State and Kampaiti and Lweje land borders in Kachin State. Muse is the major trading point among others in Myanmar.

(Translated by Ei Myat Mon)