Myanmar bags over US$66 from rice exports to external markets in Feb

Myanmar generated earnings of US$66.497 million from rice and broken rice exports during a week in February 2023, according to the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics.


Myanmar’s seaborne rice exports to international trade partners amounted to $30.683 million from over 70,830 tonnes last month, with over 35,830 tonnes to Asian countries and about 35,000 tonnes to European Union member countries.


Myanmar sent 20,020 tonnes to China, 11,830 to the Philip­pines, about 3,200 to Malaysia, 500 to Chinese Taipei and small volumes went to Hong Kong SAR and Viet Nam.


Additionally, it conveyed over 8,100 tonnes to Spain, over 7,600 to Turkiye, over 5,170 to Po­land, over 2,570 to Belgium, over 2,120 to Portugal, about 1,950 to England, over 1,420 to Italy, 1,070 to Czech, about 1,000 to the Neth­erlands, over 860 to Germany, over 770 to Romania, about 750 to Lithuania, over 300 to Slove­nia, 200 each to France, Hungary, Greece and Croatia and small volume to Libya and Cyprus.


Last month, Myanmar ex­ported over 16,900 tonnes of rice worth $6.556 million to China through border channels. More than 87,730 tonnes of rice were delivered to China by sea and border channels in February, in­dicating a decrease of over 60,000 tonnes from that in January.


Myanmar maritime trade saw over 47,000 tonnes of bro­ken rice exports valued at $17.808 million, with over 16,300 tonnes to EU countries and about 30,700 to Asian countries. The majority of the broken rice was sent to Bel­gium (1,450 tonnes). The coun­try exported over 30,400 tonnes of broken rice to China and 300 to Singapore in Asia and 7,550 to Belgium, 3,650 to the Neth­ erlands, over 2,020 to England, 800 to Spain, over 570 to Italy, 500 to Poland, 450 to Portugal, 650 to France, 300 to Lithuania and over 100 to Czech.


On the other hand, over 30,700 tonnes of broken rice worth $11.45 million were export­ed via cross-border points last month, with over 28,700 tonnes flowing to China and over 2,010 to Thailand.


The overall broken rice exports through maritime and border trade routes in February were estimated at 77,700 tonnes valued at $29.258 million, which is a decrease of over 16,000 tonnes compared to that of January. The exports of rice and broken rice amounted to $66.497 million from 165,430 tonnes. — TWA/EM