Myanmar kicks off 5,000-tonne white sugar export to Viet Nam this sugarcane season

Myanmar commenced to ship 5,000 tonnes of locally-produced white sugar to Viet Nam, said U Win Htay, vice-chairman of Myanmar Sugar and Sugarcane Related Manufacturers Asso­ciation.


Myanmar has signed an agreement to export 45,000 tonnes of white sugar to Viet Nam. The sugar mills have started to run sugarcane crushing operations from ear­ly December last year. Sugar produced from those mills is conveyed to Viet Nam. About 5,000 tonnes have been shipped to Viet Nam and more will be delivered there.


“The sugar export to Viet Nam began with the sugar mills running in December 2022. Sugar fetched approximately US$550 per tonne in the foreign market. Some countries in Asia, some western countries and China proposed to buy Myan­mar’s sugar. The country pri­oritizes local consumption so it cannot meet the foreign demand yet. When the production im­proves in the coming years, it is expected to penetrate more external markets. The sugar­cane acreages will be upped for sure. Myanmar exports the re­maining beyond self-sufficiency. The annual production of sugar is estimated at 450,000 tonnes,” he elaborated.


The sugar mills in the east­ern and western Bago Region, Mandalay Region, northern and southern Shan State and Sagaing Region are operat­ing at full capacity. Sugarcane cultivation is primarily seen in Shan State and Sagaing Region, followed by Bago Region. — Maung Aye Chan/EM