Myanmar pockets over US$22 mln from seaborne rice exports in August

September 20


Myanmar’s seaborne rice exports to international trade partners amounted to US$22.144 million in August 2022, the statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce indicated.


Myanmar shipped over 29,000 tonnes of rice worth $11.618 million and over 31,940 tonnes of broken rice worth $10.526 million by the sea in August.


In August, Myanmar sent over 16,100 tonnes of rice to European Union member countries and over 12,900 tonnes of rice to Asian countries. Myanmar conveyed over 3,920 tonnes of rice to Poland, over 2,320 to Italy, 1,350 to the Netherlands, over 1,270 to Belgium, over 1,230 to the Czech Republic, 1,800 to Romania, 1,020 to Slovenia, 1,000 to the UK, 500 each to Germany and Slovakia, 300 each to Croatia and France, 250 to Hungary, 275 to Libya and 50 to Estonia respectively.


Meanwhile, the export volume to Asian countries stood at 7,880 tonnes of rice to China, over 1,240 to Malaysia, 2,600 to the Philippines, 1,000 to Sri Lanka, over 130 to Hong Kong SAR and 90 to Singapore respectively.


At that time, Myanmar conveyed approximately 12,470 tonnes of rice worth $4.593 million to neighbouring countries via cross-border trade, with nearly 12,050 tonnes of rice through Myanmar-China border posts and about 420 through the Myanmar-Thailand border trade.


The volume of rice exported by sea and border routes totalled 41,470 tonnes with an estimated income of $16.211 million in August.


Last month, Myanmar maritime trade saw over 31,940 tonnes of broken rice exports valued at $10.526 million, with 21,790 tonnes to Belgium, 500 to the Netherlands, 15 to the Czech Republic, over 8,890 to China, 520 to Malaysia and 230 to Singapore respectively.


On the other hand, over 30,670 tonnes of broken rice worth $10.319 million were exported via cross-border points, with over 29,480 tonnes flowing to China and 1,190 to Thailand.


As a result of this, Myanmar’s broken rice exports in normal and border trade generated an income of $20.845 million from 62,610 tonnes. In August, the rice of rice and broken rice exports accumulated $37.056 million from 104,080 tonnes, the trade data showed. — TWA/GNLM