Myanmar ships 75% of rubber production to China

China, the main buyer of Myanmar rubber production, buys 75 per cent of Myanmar’s rubber production.


Myanmar exports 92 per cent of its total rubber prod­ucts to foreign countries. The top export destination for My­anmar’s rubber is China with 75 per cent of total rubber products, and the remaining 17 per cent of rubber products goes to Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, India and China Taipei. The local consumption rate is only 8 per cent of its total rubber products domestical­ly, according to the Myanmar Rubber Planters and Produc­ers Association.


Rubber cultivation is an important agricultural activity in Myanmar, and the country has a significant amount of rubber plantation land. Ac­cording to the rubber associ­ation of Myanmar, there are over 1.6 million acres of rubber plantations in Myanmar which harvests 300,000 tonnes of rub­ber from over 800,000 acres per year.


The majority of the rubber industries in Myanmar desig­nate May to September as the rubber plantation season, as it is time to suspend collection of rubber latex production.


The RSS3 rubber price was K1,380 per pound locally and Myanmar exported over 200,000 tonnes in the last 11 months of financial year 2022- 2023.


Most of the country’s rub­ber trees are grown in Mon State as well as in Kayin State and Taninthayi, Bago, Yangon and Ayeyawady regions. The plantations have also been expanded in Shan and Kachin states and Sagaing Region. — TWA/KZL