Myanmar Trade Center to be opened in Hainan, China

By Aye Yamone

A BRANCH of the Myanmar Trade Center will be opened in Hainan to sell value-added products from Myanmar in China, according to the Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization, under the Ministry of Commerce.

The Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization will set up the branch in collaboration with Glope Shenzhen Co. Ltd, an e-commerce company officially permitted by the Chinese government.

The Myanmar Trade Center (Hainan) and a Chinese products gallery will be opened at a building constructed on land owned by Glope Shenzhen Co. Ltd.

“We expect to open the Myanmar Trade Center at the end of April. We will announce the opening on our website so Myanmar entrepreneurs will be able to participate. Then, we will inform each and every organization. There is no limitation. But, if the quality of the products is not good, they won’t sell well. That is why, entrepreneurs will have to try to penetrate the market with sale of quality products. We will not limit the quantity of the products. But, entrepreneurs will have to send samples of their products first,” said Dr. Thet Lwin Oo, the commercial attaché.

The department will invite entrepreneurs through the Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization’s website as well as through entrepreneurs’ associations to sell value-added products at the Hainan trade center.

Sample products from Myanmar will be sold at the center by Glope Shenzhen Co. Ltd. Agricultural finished products, including foodstuffs, jades, handcrafts, and other traditional souvenirs will be sold at the Myanmar Trade Center, free of any service charges or commissions.

“Those who sell their products at the center will not have to pay any charges or commissions for our service. The company will sell all the products using the cross-border e-commerce system. Sellers will not be required to take FDA and AQSIQ certificates from China. Cross-border e-commerce system means selling sample products at the center. If consumers like the products, they can order. We will also sell products online,” said Dr. Thet Lwin Oo.

Glope Shenzhen Co. Ltd conducted an information-sharing conference at the Chatrium Lake View Hotel on 11 February to discuss how Myanmar entrepreneurs can sell their products at duty-free shops, online portals, and shopping centers in China. At the conference, the company shared their experiences, product registration process, and quality inspection procedures.

The Hainan branch of the Trade Center will be the first to be set up in China for sale of value-added products from Myanmar. The company plans to open similar trade centers in cooperation with other foreign countries.

“It is a great idea to sell our products at a Myanmar Trade Center abroad. It is not easy to open a shop individually. If we get a chance to sell our products at the center, our products will be able to penetrate the international market,” said Daw Lei Lei Oo, an exporter. A team comprising 20 exporters was formed with the aim to scrutinize export markets for agricultural products. The team has negotiated with officials from the Ministry of Commerce to find an agricultural food market abroad. (Translated by Hay Mar)