New Cultural Museum to illustrate heritage, daily lifestyle of Rawang ethnics

May 18


UNDER the close supervision of the Kachin State government, the new Rawang cultural museum built with the fund of the Union National Disaster Management in the 2019-2021 financial year was inaugurated in the Rawang National Park in Duttan Ward of PotaO, Kachin State, on the morning of 16 May.


The new museum aims to display traditional cultural heritage and customs of Rawang ethnics in PotaO Township.


Patron of Myanmar Rawang Literature and Culture Association U Rei Dam Tang, Chairman U Hton Phu Dagon and officials cut the ribbon to open the museum archway.


Household utensils and equipment made of stone, wood and bamboo of Rawang ethnics, musical instruments, costumes and lifestyle, weapons used in hunting, ethnically traditional loom and precious herbal plants from the snow-capped mountains are displayed in the museum.


Local authorities and ethnic people joyfully enjoyed the Azeelam traditional dance of Rawang ethnics in commemoration of the opening of the museum in the Manaw Post Ground.


On the occasion, the Chief Minister of Kachin State said roads are under construction to Khaunglanphu, Sheinkhaung, Nagmon-Pannandin region and Phonkanrazi snow-capped hilly areas as well as the circular road of PutaO plain for ensuring better transportation with the aim of developing the tourism industry based on scenic beauties of PutaO region, urging the ethnic people to participate in respective sectors for the development of the region.


At the opening ceremony, leaders of local ethnic groups reported on requirements to the Chief Minister who fulfilled the needs in coordination with the departmental officials.


As the old museum building is damaged, cultural heritage in the museum may face losses. Hence, the government allotted K397.247 million in the 2019-20 financial year in order to construct the new steel structure with 100 feet in length and 50 feet in width. Moreover, the Kachin State government provided K30 million for putting various kinds of traditional cultural heritage on display.


Rawang is mostly residing in PutaO, Machanbaw, Nagmon, Kawnglangphu, and Pannandin townships. —Kachin State IPRD/GNLM